About Us

On most weekends during the school year, students from the community assemble to learn about Islam and the Arabic language. The school started with only one teacher and about 7 students (boys and girls). Currently, the school has around 25 male and female students, and 5 teachers. Please note that the school has enrolled adults as students, and will consider doing that again on needs-basis.

Current Achievements

To encourage and motivate our students to memorize Quran, a $50 cash gift is always given to the student when he finishes memorizing one chapter. And to adapt the education environment here, we provided - through generous sponsors - additional two white boards (3 is the total, 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs), additional TV (2 is the total), a projector, and a laser printer. To have an easy interactive canal between the student and the teacher, the school introduced the blackboard site so the teachers can easily upload and the students can easily download the homework and other materials.

Future Plans

You need to be informed that the school curriculum and the courses syllabus are in on-going development to achieve the best for our students. We are expecting more enrolled students and more hired teachers in the school. We will not list all future plans in mind; however, We would say that we have a wide vision so please help us to achieve our goals.

Classes Schedule

The school follows Jeffco public school calendar for holidays

ICG School Classes Brothers (Upstairs) Sisters (Downstairs) 
Quran Class  Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM
Basic Arabic Class (Level 1-3) No Class Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM
Advanced Arabic Class Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM No Class
Kids Class Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM Saturday | 09:00AM-01:00PM

Classes Levels

In Arabic Class, we have one level for boys section (advanced level) and three levels for girls section (Level 1-3). In Quran Class, we have all levels for boys and girls sections. Islamic studies besides Quran are taught to both boys and girls.

Tuition (Per Month)

Class Single Student Additional Student from the Same Family
Quran Class $ 20.00 $ 15.00
Arabic Class $ 20.00 $ 15.00




Start your journey to the Quran today. We take students of all ages.