Jummah (Friday Congregational Prayer)

is held at the Islamic Center of Golden at:

12:15 PM Adhan

12:37 PM Iqamah

1940 Ford St.
Golden, CO 80401

Can't make it to Jummah Prayer at ICG?

Here are other nearby options:

Rocky Mountain Islamic Center

8054 W Jewell Ave

Denver, CO 80232

Jummah Prayer Time: 12:45 PM

Islamic Center of Boulder

5495 Baseline Rd

Boulder, CO 80303

Jummah Prayer Time: 12:10 PM

Metropolitan Denver North Islamic Center (Masjid Ikhlas)

11141 Irma Dr
Northglenn, CO 80233

Jummah Prayer Time: 12:45 PM

Denver Islamic Society (Masjid An-Nur)

2124 S. Birch St
Denver, CO 80222

1st Jummah Prayer Time: 12:15 PM

2nd Jummah Prayer Time: 1:15 PMĀ